First Post!

Welcome to my blog!

Chances are you’re either my close friend I’ve shyly told about my new hobby, or someone else I’ve coerced into reading my blog (hi mom!) If somehow you’re neither, I am truly grateful and in absolute awe you’ve found my corner of the internet.


Starting a blog was something I never thought I would do. A few years ago, blogging was a completely new concept to me. I always wondered who had time to read, let alone write a blog! Where do they come up with the content of their blog? How do they feel safe sharing such personal information? Truth be told, these questions still remain, but my curiosity to start my own blog overcame each of these apprehensions.

Why did I start a blog? Well 🙂 I have an ambitious business plan. There is an idea in my head I can’t part with and consumes my thoughts regularly. Someday, if the opportunity arises, I want to try to make my idea a reality. But before I invest the negative zero dollars I have in my bank account right now, I need to start off from somewhere, and a blog, my friends, just may be the perfect place start 🙂 Let’s see if my ideas have substance. If my content appeals to a larger audience I just may muster the courage to branch off to my bigger ideas.

So what will show up here? The theme of the blog will be headed in the (mostly) healthy living direction. Ultimately my long term business plan (‘the plan’) is in that genre so I want to stay true to my idea and progress in the same direction.  From this blog I’ll be able to see which pages are most popular, giving me a better idea of the content of my ‘plan’. I also won’t be revealing any more about my vague ‘plan’ because I haven’t patent the idea yet and I want to keep it a secret until it comes to fruition. Stay tuned, friends 😉

My friends have informed me the most popular blogs are ones where people write about what they had for breakfast and how many calories their egg salad sandwich contains.  When I told my boyfriend my aversion to taking pictures of my oatmeal and writing about superficial content, his response was simple: “Then don’t write about that. Make it different. Make it better.”

The number one rule for blogging is to write a blog you yourself want to read. I am most interested in health, fitness, medicine, travel and healthy lifestyle. So you may see these topics come up frequently on the blog 😉

As of now, I look forward to seeing you here again! I’m excited, nervous, scared and gitty all at the same time! Let’s dive in the deep end together, shall we?



2 thoughts on “First Post!

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