Quick circuit courtesy of Fitness magazine

This morning I waved goodbye to Pécs and set off to Helsinki!


Leaving my study town is always bittersweet. I truly love living in Pécs and miss my friends and everyday life when I leave, but a change of scenery and routine is always welcomed after a long semester. 


Traveling always comes with those frantic do-I-have-everything departures where you’re fumbling around your apartment finally glancing at that packing list your mom found on Martha Stewart Living wondering if you packed enough socks.


Yup..I think I’m good! 🙂

While Hungary isn’t too far from Finland (it’s only a two and a half hour flight!) traveling from Pécs to Helsinki is a 12 hour endeavour. Whenever I know I have a day of travel ahead of me, I try to get a workout in beforehand. Getting my body moving makes sitting in a 3 hour car ride from Pécs to Budapest airport far more manageable.

Ever since I stopped dancing (sadly, when I moved to Finland to study after high school I said goodbye to that past time), I no longer had the usual strength training in my regular exercise routine. Recently I’ve attempted to reincorporate some serious iron pumping into my usual workouts with these killer 2kg weights I bought.

This is a workout I’ve done in my living room when I want to squeeze in a quick workout. The combination of strength training, cardio and powerful pylometric moves makes this workout quick and effective!

Complete this circuit 3-4 times through, resting 30 seconds in between sets (one set is all of these exercises).  Happy sweating!

180s aka ‘squat jumps’ x12 reps
Alternating plank x12 reps
Single Leg Crab x 12 reps
Lunge + press x24 (alternating sides, with 5-10lbs/2-5kg dumbells)
Mountain climbers x20reps
Dead lift fly (single leg optional), with 5-10lb/2-5kg dumbells x12reps
Bridge press, with 5-10lb/2-5kg dumbells x 25 reps
Jumping jacks / Jump rope – 2 minutes

Courtesy of Fitness Magazine 🙂



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