It ‘aint all fun and games round here!

In a world of social media and photo editors, I wanted to create something different. I wanted to write from an honest view point, with minimal fuss and manipulations. I think I could get far more viewers if I looked like Kate Middleton and photoshopped some cheese grater abs onto my otherwise processed facade, but that would only perpetuate a problem I would like to actively try to eliminate.

In a bigger sense, I want to be a positive, healthy role model. I had so many incredible people around me growing up, who showed me how to follow a healthy lifestyle and gain positive self esteem. Luckily, back then there weren’t so many external media influences which we hear so much about today, having a negative influence on younger kids.


I want this blog to address a healthy lifestyle with an honest, and realistic approach. After all, a healthy lifestyle is a maintainable one, right?

Aaaaand that includes the occasional indulgence 😉


I also don’t want to portray the image of a glorified life. In an effort to avoid misrepresenting myself I want to publish truthful, honest content in all it’s glory.


Summers at the cabin aren’t always strawberry smoothies and sunset saunas.


Owning 1/3 of a cabin means work. 


and a lot of it.

Thankfully, with work comes play. And often these two come hand in hand.


(we frequently put our cabin guests to work…)

This also comes with spending your birthdays in hardware stores…


That was one heck of a PAR-TAY, let me tell you.

There comes a day when you wonder will the projects ever stop…


But that thought never lasts long, because somehow being part of this labor camp is the most rewarding part of the summer. You’re building something for not only yourself to enjoy, but something meaningful for the future as well. The cabin is a place where family comes together 🙂

So when I wonder will these projects ever end?


I hope not 🙂


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