Beautiful day in Helsinki

Today was a beautiful day in Helsinki!

Snip20150623_46       Snip20150623_49   Snip20150623_48

I spent a cultural day which started with a visit to a unique art gallery STOA, which had an exhibition on a familiar artist: Pekka Nissinen.


Mr. Nissinen is Boston Ballet artistic director Mikko Nissinen’s father 🙂 Artistic family!

In this particular exhibition, Pekka Nissinen demonstrated cubism in these most recent works. Certainly vibrant, elegant and interesting pieces!

Pink Essay

IMG_5995                            IMG_5996 Girl’s bedroom                                                            Vases showing cubism

IMG_5997 IMG_5998FullSizeRender 4
Does anyone else see a heart here? 😀

Visit his website:

Pekka Nissinen’s artwork can be viewed at STOA art gallery until July 17th.

My cultural day continued at the tax return office…


….. yup.

Afterwards I visited my old stomping grounds at the Hakaniemi farmers market!

FullSizeRender 5

This place is an absolute must for locals and tourists alike. This market is the original open air market of Helsinki. There is another one (kauppatori) by the sea but it’s unfortunately become a tourist trap over the years and lost parts of it’s authentisism. Hakaniemi, however, remains the same charming marketplace 🙂 I’ve worked at this market for a few summers when I studied in Turku and always thought it was the perfect summer job.

Snip20150623_43                     Snip20150623_44

I got to be outside all day, talk with people (a lot of tourists!) who were always in a good mood, and take home the freshest vegetables at the end of the day. I think it’s because of this job that I became a salad ace. Because those salads I made the summers I worked here? Those were bomb.

I became known as “the girl with the strawberry apron” 😉

The market sells more than just vegetables. You can buy everything from your breakfast oatmeal (which they serve hot every morning, even in the dead of winter!) to berries, fresh bread, and flowers. In the summer there’s often an orchestra creating a joyous ambiance.

IMG_6033         IMG_6034

After picking up some fresh herbs, vegetables and dark bread and visiting some familiar faces, I set off to meet my beautiful, overly successful cousin for a coffee date in Café Esplanade in downtown Helsinki.

Snip20150623_45     IMG_6040    FullSizeRender 8

It was such a beautiful day we decided to sit outside (while I could simultaneously engage in one of my favorite past times… people watching 😉 Guilty pleasure. But I’m not the only one, am I?!)

As if my day wasn’t already fulfilling enough, I came home and my mother prepared the most incredible fish dinner. Her neighbor is a fisherman, and out of the goodness of his heart he regularly brings her the catch of the day!

Today I had the utmost pleasure to try some pike (kuha). When you have fish this good, this fresh, you don’t mess around. Pan cooked in oil and salt, that’s it. This fish was delectable. I prepared a salad from todays market finds to round out this meal and it was absolute summer perfection!


All you food bloggers out there feast your eyes on my pitiful photography skills! 😀 But just goes to show: keep it simple. This was phenomenal!

And since it was an otherwise perfect day, don’t mess with perfection 😉


Ben and Jerry: you know what’s up.

It’s all about balance afterall, right? 😉


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