The Magic North

My cultural week in Helsinki continues!

Today combined some of my favorite things: culture, fashion and art. All related, no? 😉

FullSizeRender 7   FullSizeRender 13 FullSizeRender 6

The above photos are taken in Laura Ashley in downtown Helsinki … an absolute favorite!

I suggested we buy matching dresses, but my mom wasn’t really on board :/

Today started on completely the wrong foot. My mother wanted to pop into a small French-inspired boutique so I followed along. My mother expressed her desire for some new summer clothes and jokingly introduced me as her fashion consultant. Immediately the sales lady asked me “What do you want to change about your mother’s style?” Shocked, I answered “Nothing. Look at her, her style is perfect!” The woman gives both of us a disapproving glance. She looks at me and deplores my mom’s clothes: “She’s wearing…jeans…What’s fashionable about that?” I said “Well I’m wearing jeans, and this white sweater. Am I unstylish?” This woman yells like it’s Christmas morning and she just got a baby panda: “YEESS!!!!”
I wanted to bitch fight this woman and tell her I’m a student and wearing the same brand jeans Giselle Bunchen wears, who are you calling unstylish? – but I decided to take the high road. Silence, and signaled to my mother “we leave now”. I was deemed unstylish, by a woman who has this item of clothing on a mannequin.

FullSizeRender 8

Enough said.

Moving right along!

From one style to the next we continued today’s cultural pilgrimage across Helsinki, onto our next level of sophistication in the form of Ateneum museum to visit the exhibition Tarujen Kansat (webpage in English 🙂 ).  They’ve translated ‘Tarujen Kansat’ simply into ‘The Magic North’, which isn’t a direct translation, rather ‘The People of the Sagas’ is more descriptive 😉

FullSizeRender 10

Ateneum is a popular tourist attraction, and for good reason. It’s stunning.

FullSizeRender 3

Ateneum is located directly in Helsinki City Center and an absolute must if ever visiting Helsinki! Bonus: they offer discounted tickets for students too 🙂

We did a speedy tour of the whole exhibition before the official guided tour began. We debated whether or not we should participate in the guided tour, and I am so happy we did! Hearing an expert explain the meaning, history and story behind each piece and the artists, truly brought the pieces to life. Snip20150625_53
White Bear King Valemon (source) by Kittelsen

The above was my favorite 🙂 Sagas can be dark and scary, this one by Norwegian painter Theodor Kittelsen was sweet and soft. I was surprised at this exhibit, because usually I get really tired and hungry in museums (anyone else? no? just me?), but here I felt like I’d just listened to a bedtime story after playing fairies and princess.

The exhibition, which runs until the end of September, focuses particularly on Finnish and Norwegian fables. I would warm heartedly recommend this exhibition to all ages as kids would enjoy the fairytale aspect of it and, well, actually adults would enjoy it for the same reason 😉

Midday we stopped by a kiosk to pick up some Finnish(!!!!!) strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

FullSizeRender 12

When Finnish strawberries first come into season this country becomes ecstatic.  Their ripening progression is followed on the evening news and when the first batch appears on the market they have a parade. This country loves strawberries.

Cooling off after the miss wannabe French chick’s you-unstylish accusation required a lot more than one glass but I exercised portion control.


And that salad speaks for itself: Still riding on the joys of the fresh vegetables from the market! ❤


To end on a more educational note than the above ecard, the Medicine page was updated today! 🙂


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