The day I fell in love, over and over again

Cultural week continues!

In the form of chocolate, a sweet, quaint old Finnish town, a drive in the country side, Karjalan Piirakka (Karelian pie, but that’s a terrible, unfortunately common translation), and the calmest place on earth: the cabin.

I had never visited Porvoo before.


And that’s really, really unfortunate…


Because this place is loaded with delicious.
Porvoo in known for (many other reasons in addition to) its Brunberg chocolate factory.
Porvoo is home to national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg (1804-1877). This town certainly knows how to honor their poets.

11657504_2679621749810_1104475847_n  11358723_2679621989816_359112992_n

We visited the factory where the famous candies are made and had a hay day sampling around and trying our best to maintain portion control.


While I’m not a chocolate lover, I still did my fair share of damage on the liquorice truffles. Holy foodgasm.

I’ll share some with my brother.

If he get’s here in time.  😉

My absolute favorite: Pusut = Kisses!


In candy form too 😉

900 samples and 30€ worth of chocolate later…

11269601_2679621629807_549745788_n (1)

Since we knew we had a few hours of driving ahead of us to get to our cabin we walked around Porvoo’s old center.


This town is perfect for little girls who want to have a life long tea party.


A typical historic old Finnish town, Porvoo has a large Swedish population.


Swedes like their cobblestones and chocolate.

I love how this restaurant has a separate canister for hydrating pups! 😀

We continued on our way to our cabin, when the inevitable question “Should we stop at Agassi?” arises.


The answer is yes. Always yes.


Agassi is another well known provider of all things delicious, in bakery form. We rarely leave with anything besides Karjalan Piirakka:


They’re savory rice porridge pastries wrapped in a thin rye crust. Don’t knock it until you try it! Typically served with egg and/or butter but best enjoyed straight out of the bag 😉

This time of year, the country roadsides are filled with lupins. They truly are beautiful and make for quite a scenic drive! Stopping on the side of the road and picking up a million carries no shame for the ladies of this family 😉


We came to the cabin in warm 20 degree sunshine and immediately fired up the sauna. A picture perfect dinner called for dessert to be enjoyed outside. Another perfect end to a perfect day!

hat is nordic summer 🙂 ❤


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