How To Calm

Mindfullness is totally in right now.


Looking at beautiful things, or imagining a calming scene and becoming “in touch” with your body and breathing is mindfulness practice 101.


Going to a cabin drives the same purpose

11666968_2680888301473_1323114107_n (1)

(Men dig this stuff)


I feel like I’ve been sitting in lotus position and meditating for the past 2 months after just one weekend at the cabin. Somehow playing around in nature does that to you. Even if you are painting windows 🙂

11652030_2680905861912_1828203775_n (1)

Like I said, it ‘aint all fun and games around here  😉

Enjoying my last evening of freedom before my summer job starts tomorrow! I’m nervous 🙂 But thankfully I have natures paradise to come home to after each day. Yes, I live at the cabin during the summer and I commute daily from here to the hospital. It’s a lot of driving, but it’s worth it, because even though I’m working I feel like I’m on vacation when I can jump into the lake at the end of the long day.


I’m the most country-blogger ever.


I’m not saying I hug trees while I write this and do a rain dance before I go to sleep in my bed made out of hay each night but I do enjoy living at the cabin and pretending to be Tarzan’s Jane. I reenact my own version of Into The Wild each day. Balance ❤

Remember, Nature is free 🙂


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