Well this socks

My summer freedom is stripped and my days will now be filled with learning, taking orders, practice and making handfuls of mistakes. I love being a student 🙂

Monday morning at the new job started off on the wrong foot.


Almost literally,

Turns out the hospital can only afford to clothe one of my feet this year.

I went into the familiar dressing room on Monday morning where I’m used to seeing a long hallway full of washed and pressed scrubs, white coats and socks. To my surprise the sock bin only had one sock in it. Either we have some serious sock hoarders in the hospital or I bathed in the luxury of an affluent sock supply last year. (<–A great pleasure I will no longer take for granted)

I can’t go into my first day of my summer job on a new ward with a nudist foot. I immediately went to go find someone in housekeeping if perhaps they hadn’t delivered the socks to the dressing rooms yet? No cigar. “We have a pretty clammy sock situation this year” she said with a smirk. Then she looked at my feet. I’m thinking, how am I going to do this.. Hi I’m Katrina, take me seriously with one sock!

I end up taking my naked foot to the ward and introducing myself to the second department head. He politely ignores my humiliating situation but eventually says “I don’t know how much longer I can divert my attention anymore.”

Oh…. Was it obvious?

I walked halfway through the ward, trying my best to overlook the stares I got from patients and nurses alike. At this point I’m wondering how wide and obnoxiously do I need to smile to be able to divert everyones attention from my feet? I followed my garment navigator as he took me and my well ventilated foot to the on-call room which thankfully was fully sock stocked.

Further humiliation averted.


Photo above is from an angiogram I participated in today (picture taken and posted of course by permission of the cardiologist and scrub nurses). 

The job itself is incredible. Students in Finland have a very fortunate opportunity to work as interns after their third year of medical school, where they work alongside doctors absorbing everything they possibly can, while also occasionally engaging in tedious paperwork (the unfortunate downside of medicine, endless paperwork!)

This summer I’m working in internal medicine. Our school requires we have a four week summer practice in internal med, so I’ll be able to complete that while I’m working here 🙂 Thus far I feel like I’ve recapped everything I’ve learned in school because the field is so broad. Each day you can see something new, from multiple specialties; one patient will have pneumonia while the next has an ischemic stroke. After lunch you’ll see diabetic retinopathy followed by an angioplasty. Internal medicine is certainly the place to apply your knowledge! And gain a lot of it 😉

My goal is to become a sponge.


The best part of living at the cabin is the feeling of a constant vacation. I associate this place so strongly with a leisurely summer vacation, so the feeling of relaxation is immediate after coming home after even the most challenging (and humiliating) day at work.


Not only because we make strawberry rhubarb cocktails desserts 😉


Cream of wheat at it’s best


Might as well start and end with humiliation.

All my friends, right now:



2 thoughts on “Well this socks

  1. My beautiful daughter, at least you have risen to the point where you only forget to put on your socks. Oh how I can recall years past when you insisted on not wearing any clothes at all. As I am sure you recall, this made your high school years somewhat controversial within the community but you were definitely popular with a vast majority of your fellow male students. I guess the times may not be changing. Have a great day Freebird. Love DAD xoxoxo


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