Bittersweet Friday!


Yesterday was my last day in the CCU (cardiac care unit) at the hospital. I really loved working there, and I learned so much, the doctors and nurses were kind, helpful, generous … the experience as a whole was very positive! I can only hope next week in the general internal med bed ward it will be just as great! 🙂

When I came back home to the cabin after work it was only moments until I was greeted by the happiest part of my summer: seeing Mike! My brother 🙂


Mike has been away on a business trip since I’ve been here so I didn’t get to see him until now! Since he missed the Midsummer celebration and his birthday while on his trip, we might have to do some extra celebrations this weekend  😉

First up? Fourth of July!


America’s birthday calls for a good American barbeque

11714500_2684741757807_1128540638_n                               11716095_2684741677805_1383906348_n

It doesn’t matter where we are in the world, this family will always celebrate the fourth of July!

Michael made some mean burgers. Mama bear worked her magic on seasoning the meat while Mike fired up his new Weber grill. Jenna and I performed our womanly duties prepping the fixings and setting up a festive table!

11717140_2684741597803_1403460399_n                  11721152_2684742037814_768465951_n

Really not so bad 😉
We enjoyed our barbeque outside (naturally) until it started to POUR and we rushed  inside to enjoy dessert 🙂

11655556_2684741637804_668097416_n   11696860_2684752118066_1540694072_n    11715951_2684752078065_650028309_n

This treasured dessert was brought to us by the incredible Lizzy Butler of With Two Forks. One of the greatest cooks and bakers I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I’m still salivating thinking about the next time I can try anything she’s created. Lizzy was kind enough to make Mike a birthday treat while he was in San Francisco and Mike cherished this delicacy and brought it to Finland for all of us to try! Thanks Mike, and bravo Lizzy! 🙂

Since the fickle weather decided to show some sun again we took advantage of the beaming sunshine and warmth and went skiing!


After I skied, then Mike showed us how to actually ski…




The patriotic sailor 🙂

Now we’re all fed and had our fun. Time to relax for the rest of the evening 🙂
I hope everyone has had a festive and happy Fourth! 🙂



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