Festive weekend

I’m so happy Mike and Jenna are here!! 🙂


Being with family makes my heart sing with happiness.

I’m enjoying our time together to the fullest in bed feeling semi-rotten. What kind of nasty trend is this: Every summer (I’m not kidding, every summer) when I start work, within the first two weeks of my new job I get sick for 3 days. This unfortunate trend revives again in full force this year!


I’m so sick that this is how my mom comes to check up on me. Paranoid much?
(I’m just kidding. She’s a hard working granny doing yard work protecting her airways. Good job mama.)

We got a chance to do all the fun stuff though before my health took a turn for the worse… boating, waterskiing, christening Mike’s new grill, Fourth of July barbeque, and celebrating Mike’s birthday! 🙂

11693035_2685431095040_612756353_n         Snip20150705_71

…with an incredibly good Italian chocolate cake

11721220_2685431175042_215746819_n   11719935_2685431055039_1182019330_n

Chocolate lovers, rejoice.
Someday this recipe may end up here in the Recipes section of this blog 😉

While Mike likes to spend his time doing his macho masculine building things, I was joined by Jenna and my mama for a short circuit style workout 🙂


Quick and effective, and I loved having the company! I usually don’t like to work out with other people (unless it’s a group exercise class like yoga or kangoo where I tend to zone everyone out quite efficiently) but Jenna is a huge exception. Running with Jenna is a pure joy, while running with my boyfriend? Let’s just say I nearly pushed him in a bush last time we tried that activity together (Sorry Lars…)

The weekend also included stringing some birch branches together to make a cohesive bouquet of shrub that Finns like to violently hit themselves with while in the Sauna.

11667074_2684342147817_215994816_n (1)

It’s what we like…




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