Sick life with cocktails

There’s a term in Finnish for ‘sick leave’, which is called Sairasloma, which translates to ‘sick vacation’.

Oxymoron much?

Olen sairaslomalla.

Although if there’s a time and place to be sick it’s at the cabin when your family is around!


Mike and Jenna have been actively working on the sauna Mike built with the help of some friends two summers ago. While his masterpiece is complete, there are still some areas he wants to perfect. Because he’s an engineer.


The dream team


While these two were being happy, healthy and productive, I made myself what is the worlds most disgusting cocktail. Unfortunately for others around me, this drink is the most effective medicine for when you’re sick. Consuming this drink without initiating a vomit reflex takes some will-power, but let me tell you: it’s worth it.



If this concoction doesn’t make you healthy, or prevent an oncoming flu, it will at the very least make you feel better.

I swear by its healing powers, and so does my family! Let me introduce to you: the garlic cocktail


  1. Chop several cloves of garlic (at least 2) into small slices
  2. Add a spoonful of honey
  3. Add a squeeze of lemon
  4. Pour in hot water
  5. Question why you’re doing this
  6. Wonder if it’s worth it
  7. Drink it
  8. Chew garlic pieces (yes, seriously)
  9. Feel your throat burn and eyes water profusely
  10. Continue drinking and chewing
  11. Contain regurgitation

It’s terrible at first, but you do get used to it. The reason I’m sharing this recipe is because it works. Whenever I feel like “I’m coming on with something”, I make this cocktail, warn the people around me, and drink it. Majority of the time I never end up getting sick. Now my family has caught on the garlic trend and swear by it as well. Next time you feel a bit off, try this recipe! You probably already feel kind of shitty anyways so you have nothing to lose, right? 🙂

Luckily, sick days aren’t filled with only disgusting things.


Mama makes sure to do it right with a Spanish themed appetizer.

And then there’s the grill master of the family.

11737084_2688432050062_181988262_n 11713571_2688432010061_1238799609_n 11739620_2688432130064_495663493_n

The ribs were seasoned with various spices but made especially unique by the whisky chips we had in the grill. Brought to us by who other than Jack himself.


It wasn’t a bad turnout!

11715884_2688432170065_1744212427_n 11719936_2688432210066_849124829_n

Ribs, eggplant and cabbage. Best quick grilled cabbage recipe: tin-foil, chopped cabbage, salt, pepper, oil. Magnificent.

Dessert was brought to us by Lizzy’s chocolate chip cookie bars again (we keep them in the freezer and take them out on special occasions 😉 )


Lizzy, Ben and Jerry. They know whats up.


Nothing makes a sick girl feel good again like a piece of liquorice. Or twelve.

REALLY hoping the garlic works it’s magic so I can go to work tomorrow!



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