Best Basics

What are best basics? Something that you can’t replace with anything better than it’s most elemental form?

I got to thinking about this as we sat down for an evening meal of Finnish ‘Rieska’ which I’m not even going to try to translate. (If anyone is up for the challenge, I welcome suggestions: a flatbread made of barley grains, buttermilk, eggs, and salt. And yes, we eat this voluntarily…)


There’s nothing quite comparable to the warm, comforting, semi-sour, munch of this grainy bread. Next time, we’ll write down the measurements because this version of Rieska is worth sharing!

As we ate our salty bread I said “Sometimes the most basic things are the best.” This lead to an interesting discussion: what else is best at basic?

My list:

  1. Sauna + swim (in the lake.. if this even needs to be specified)
  2. Dinner or an evening with family. (But let’s be honest an evening usually includes dinner, at least in this family.)
  3. A good night’s sleep
  4. A clean glass of fresh water
  5. Love

Each of these are things that cannot be replaced with anything better. For me, there aren’t superior versions of any of these, and having any (or all) these is pretty damn good.

A close runner up was the feeling of success at work, doing something you care about. But I realized, while losing my job would be devastating, I wouldn’t trade a clean glass of water for a great job any day. I wasn’t ready to prioritize my passion for medicine over any of the aforementioned, which was very thought provoking!

I made an even deeper realization: All of my list can be found at the cabin during the summer. Makes sense why I’m ready to commute 45 mins everyday to work as long as I get to live here 🙂


Question:  What are your top 5 irreplaceable best basics?


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