Three ingredient Country Egg Cake from Finland (‘Munakakku’)

I’m all about tradition


Especially in dessert form 😉

This may be the simplest recipe I’ve ever seen on the internet. (After ‘sliced oranges’, where once I’ve actually watched a 2 minute YouTube video on how to properly slice an orange. Thanks Martha.)

But this recipe has charm. Back in the olden days (so the 1960s) this recipe was a big hit in the Finnish countryside, for two paramount reasons:  it’s simple and delicious.

Three ingredients my friends:

11753794_2694011469544_1102423646_n 11758956_2694011389542_220163898_n  11739656_2694011509545_139865463_n

Sugar                                             Eggs                                       Flour

While the ingredients are simple and the measurements even simpler (1 cup of each), the technique is key to making it light, fluffy and a true treat!

Country Egg Cake – From Finland. aka ‘Munakakku’

  1. Beat the life out one cupful of eggs and one cupful of sugar. Note: The cup can be any size, as long as the proportion of ingredients is 1:1:1.
  2. This step will take closer to 3 minutes. The batter should more or less triple in size.
    11756670_2694011429543_1905584574_n  <<- in case you forgot what beating looks like
  3. Sift 1 cupful flour into the egg-sugar batter
  4. Do NOT use an electric mixer after the flour is added! The idea is to lightly ‘lift’ the flour into the batter, attempting to create air pockets while incorporating the flour into the batter. Don’t mix, lift  😉
  5. The batter should have air bubbles when you’re finished (you won’t get this if you ‘mix’ the batter…)
  6. Butter and bread a bunt or other baking tin. For breading we used semolina grains or ‘manna’ in Finnish (in the states: the grains used to make ‘cream of wheat’ , Farina is one brand! 🙂 )
  7. Pour that sweet bubbling goodness – remember to handle the batter as little as possible!
  8. 11751253_2694011669549_136783777_n <– the best and most important step
  9. Bake for 20minutes at 200C (390F)
  10. Let cool until you can’t wait any longer
  11. Cool on wire rack
    (I like big bunts and I cannot lie…)

  12. Set up a pretty table with tulips and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Make it festive, it’s someone’s birthday somewhere 🙂
    Simple, easy and delicious.  That’s how I roll 😉  You can’t beat the simplicity of this cake. And no butter (except in the tin)! How many cakes can say that?


Enjoy! And let me know what you think 🙂

p.s. My brother Mike and his friend, Lauri, both enjoyed THREE pieces! Definite crowd pleaser 😉



2 thoughts on “Three ingredient Country Egg Cake from Finland (‘Munakakku’)

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen a recipe like this before. Thanks for posting, I’ll have to try it! Love simple recipes like this. It looks great!
    Jill xo


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