I want to do it all

Another fantastic week in the internal medicine department! Currently I’m in the cardiac bed ward, one of the seven wards in the internal med department; general bed ward, cardiac bed ward, cardiac care unit (CCU), hematology, pulmonology, emergency and emergency bed ward.  I have an incredibly nice, talented, accommodating doctor as my senior physician. The amount of responsibility they give students is astonishing. Often when I’m assigned a task I think, “Am I qualified to do that?”

11780511_2696910902028_1861162934_n <– Peak of my intelligence right there

Probably not, but like most students I learn from doing.

Another perk of this department? The fresh buns one of the nurses made for today 🙂 Kiitos Sari!

There’s a lot to do in the department.  Luckily I’m not alone and the tasks and roles are well delegated.


Yesterday evening when I went to bed I thought “I should be helping the guys outside.” My brother has his good German friend, Johannes, visiting our labor camp cabin. Johannes is spending a week of his vacation helping my brother rebuild our roof!


What an incredibly generous guy!


As I went to bed to the sound of hammers and drills for the umpteenth time, I thought again, how much I wanted to help them.

I also started to think of how little I’ve exercised lately.


How little I’ve helped out in the kitchen lately…


How much I’ve neglected my blog lately…


How little time I’ve spent on my garden project lately…

11759020_2693386253914_1069442418_n   11721135_2694040350266_1261055667_n

How much I’d just like to enjoy summer lately…


How little I’ve enjoyed the Finnish woods lately…

11774269_2696911302038_110276876_n   11753804_2696911262037_888540729_n

Picked berries and mushrooms lately…

11774842_2696911142034_1876754290_n   11737160_2693386853929_1889656110_n

How little I feel like I help out lately…


How much I feel like having a cocktail lately…


Just kidding on the last one 😉 (sort of…)

But I got to thinking how each of the aforementioned are summer activities I’ve looked forward to doing. Problem is, I prioritize all of them.

What’s a girl to do? I’ve resorted to enjoy what I’m doing at the given moment and feel guilty of all the things I’m not doing. I’ve felt that way nearly every day after work. Of my daily priority menu I subconsciously pick two, and sigh regretfully as I didn’t have the chance to do anything else. “Maybe tomorrow,” I reassure myself.

For the sake of my future sanity, now would be as good of a time as ever to accept that I can’t do everything I want.


All I want is everything. Is that too much to ask? 😉


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