Put a smile on

It’s been busy. 



Another kind of work when getting home from work…


Trying to keep up the positive attitude while going to the worlds least exciting place on earth….

(K-Rauta … the hardware store. Reconstructing a cabin involves countless trips to that place. I mean how cool are pressure washers?!)

Busy summers involve less than stellar sleep because the sun sets after 11:00pm, convincing our minds to go to sleep later. That tricky routine means a more tired intern, which not only means more coffee, but also enjoying the sources of happiness that much more 🙂

Enjoying coming home to some incredible scenery …



(Nature is Free ❤ )

Going to the ballet festival with your mother, enjoying the summer nights and copious amounts of ice cream and sugar inebriation…


Enjoying the company of some incredibly funny Germans …

(who came to our cabin to work, not shoot a calendar… just to clear that up.)

The person who brought fresh strawberries and oatmeal cookies into our breakroom at work…


Being able to catch and pick dinner from the lake and woods …

11791623_2700833560092_674541453_n        11787436_2700833600093_64812480_n


When you come home from work to delicious surprises…11753752_2693387093935_1983279987_n     11749530_2693387293940_1738885029_n

Snip20150727_1  11692988_2700868640969_311624756_n

Enjoying breakfast in the rain ….


Coming home from work and going for a swim… (=the most refreshing, relaxing part of the day)


Loving the fact your family also loves dessert 😉


(but also loving that they don’t love it as much as you so more is left for you)


A family that can cook really , really well to boot…

11805658_2700833640094_682442323_n  11751362_2693387173937_1355830769_n11721110_2693386933931_1326833852_n

Doing Jesus-style yoga on top of water…


All of this is in response to my last post, which so many of you were able to relate to! I’m glad I’m not the only one 😉 Summer is supposed to be a time of ultimate relaxation; I became worried when I recognized how overwhelmed I started to feel. At the same time I became increasingly aware of all of the things that made me so happy, and ultimately, relaxed. I’ve also decided to ‘downshift’ my summer wish-list / to-do list and try to focus on fewer things, which ultimately allows time to enjoy whatever I do decide to do. Sometimes simpler is smarter, friends.

In the wise words of my hometown philosopher Henry David Thoreau of Concord, Mass:


And I almost forgot! A definite mood booster? Jamming to this song when it comes on the radio in the car on the way to work…

It can be 7:00am and I still feel like Steven Tyler if I’m alone in the car. I’m one of those people who pretends they speak Spanish fluently and sing all the words but in actuality the only words I end up singing correctly are “no me gusta”… so I make sure I sing those extra loud 😉

Sometimes music is the best therapy. What songs are your butt shakers?


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