I’m inspired

I became inspired this weekend.

I had the privilege of meeting Dave, a dear friend to my parents. Dave is a successful New York wealth advisor who decided to take a break from Wall Street and enjoy the virtues of cabin life


in all its glory


Dave and I are probably polar opposites. Dave has dedicated his life to finance, the monopoly of life. While I actively avoid that area of adulthood by all means (I’m still severely confused by taxes) I found his stories fascinating.  Talking to, and trying to understand someone so vastly different from yourself is eye-opening. I learned a lot talking to Dave, although mostly I just pretended to understand when he talked about things like hedge funds. I also learned a valuable life lesson: don’t make millions of dollars. Dealing with it sounds complicated.

While the only two things he and I have in common are a profound adoration of piano music and cheese, I levelled with this capital casher.

In the above photo Dave and I were brainstorming a business plan for my still-secret future business idea as hinted in my first post. With the generous guidance of the most knowledgable, successful business man I know, my healthcare related future plan will be rolling high in the cards. Stay tuned, friends 😉

After the weekend came to a close, we asked Dave how he felt after a weekend at the cabin




The woods, lake, sauna, sunshine, and fresh air will do that to you!

In addition to refreshed, I also felt inspired after this weekend. I realized how important it is to get to know someone who isn’t directly related to your field. We tend to gravitate towards those who are “convenient” based on our daily life. Somehow doctors are friends with doctors due to workplace convenience (also may explain the theory as to why doctors marry doctors; they just don’t have time to venture elsewhere than the hospital so they just mate and marry there. True?)

Along that same idea, I always feel better after talking to my brother during exam period.


Mike is a consultant working in Helsinki, so an entirely different field than mine. But his new perspective is always helpful when I’m stressed in my own situation. If I tell Mike I have 5 days to review 200 topics for an exam, he’ll give me a very matter-of-fact “plan of execution” (no joke) for the days I have remaining to prepare for the exam. He’ll also motivate me based on his athletic background, “If you can walk off the field at the end of the game, you haven’t given 100%”. A fresh alternative to “I HAVE TO FINISH THESE *^(/))?”#€”%*!”#ing TOPICS TODAY!” *insert meltdown here* (P.s. although this happens rarely. Right Mike?) 😉

I feel fortunate to understand now the importance of getting to know new people, experiencing new fields and broadening your horizons. After this weekend of talking to Dave, I felt so inspired with my now modified and recently updated business idea. Hearing a new perspective put my own thoughts into perspective, thus providing a clearer understanding of my goals and intentions.

A pillar is strongest when supported from several different angles, same goes for a girl’s dreams too, apparently.


Who recently unexpectedly inspired you?

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