Power your morning- Brought to you by breakfast

This morning only confirmed when the alarm went off before 6:00am that I am not a morning person.


Everyone in my family wakes up early and has that “oh I just love the calm before everyone else wakes up” reasoning. Meanwhile I’m thinking  it’s pretty calm where I’m sleeping too… and I certainly enjoy that 🙂

Though this morning I felt there was truly something special about early summer mornings.


The breathtaking scenery of lake Saimaa this morning was invigorating. More invigorating was the 7 degree water I plunged into, but let’s give the beautiful nature some more credit.

This morning I came to the emergency department and immediately headed for the coffee maker. It was one of those kind of mornings..


And yes, I have a satirical photo for every purpose.

Anyhow. In the break room there were a bunch of nurses also reaching for their caffeine high, one of whom was simultaneously inhaling a breakfast sandwich. “Good God woman sit and enjoy your breakfast. No one is going to die here if you take 5 minutes to chew your food” I reassured her. Which was true; we had no critical patients at the time. She smiled and said “I’m fine, breakfast isn’t a big deal to me” as her mouth quadrupled in size as she took the second and last bite of her breakfast. Impressed by how such a tiny woman can devour so much food in so little time I left the break room and thought aw hell no.

I am by no means a foodie. Or a cook. Or in any way a culinary visionary. (I open up about my cooking grievances in this post. Feel free to offer support.) But I do love to eat good food. The summertime offers me a family full of extraordinary cooks who actually enjoy cooking, so I’m clearly in heaven! But if I’m by myself, my meals are nothing short of lackluster. The simpler the better.

There is however one meal of the day I won’t skimp on : Breakfast. I actually enjoy making it too, because I know I will enjoy it. Part of the reason I dislike cooking anything else is due to the high probability that it is in fact not palatable by any stretch of the imagination.

But my BREAKFAST, dear friends, is fantastic. Most busy weekdays I have this concoction of at least 7 (yes SEVEN) different powerfoods. Introducing the summertime breakfast bowl 🙂


I usually have a 4-6 hour break in between breakfast and lunch, and this powerhouse bowl of sunshine (along with a few cups of caffeinated assistance) powers me through the busy morning. It’s quick, delicious and undeniably packs a powerful, healthy punch.

Serves 1


  1. Place about 2TBS of oats (doesn’t need to be instant) into a bowl
  2. Add about 1TBS of bran flakes – fiber my friends. Keep your colon happy 😉
  3. Add 1TBS Kama (<- I had no idea what ‘kama’ was until I google translated ‘Talkkuna’ from Finnish. Old grandpas in the countryside of Finland dig this stuff, but it’s quickly becoming popular again due to it’s numerous health benefits! 🙂 )11920494_2715834535107_1882598278_n
  4. Pour boiling water over the dry ingredients. Let seep for the time it takes you to get the yogurt out of the fridge
  5. Add 2TBS of unflavored yogurt, greek yogurt or quark.
  6. Wash and chop (if necessary) a plethora of fresh berries. In Finland, local strawberries are still fresh and it’s finally becoming raspberry season. Blueberry season is in full swing as well. This trifecta of colorful happiness will certainly make your mouth happy. Fresh berries in the summer.. Is there anything better? (besides ice-cream)11923033_2715834735112_1238721705_n

We all know the health benefits of blueberries, right? They’re called “the natural medicine of the woods” (luonnon lääke) in Finland. There are numerous studies supporting Finland’s favorite antioxidant powerhouse.

7. Add a few tablespoons of mixed nuts for some fat and protein. At this point I usually forget entirely about the soy groats so I add those here too. If unsoftened groats feel like you’re eating shattered glass, add these into step 1 😉


This breakfast packs a punch. It will leave you feeling energized and certainly won’t weigh you down. With just a little bit of every ingredient you’ll be certain this breakfast packs a nutritious, versatile punch. For the sake of seeming professional, I went onto a nutrition index website MyFitnessPal to see just how well we fared:


FIVE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN CALORIES. I nearly died when I saw this! 😀 Although it explained why I felt so satiated until lunchtime! I have never weighed the amount of oats or soy groats, so these values are not accurate, but rather approximations to get an idea of the nutritional value of this breakfast. However 15g of fat, 71g of carbs and 26g of protein seems like a pretty good proportion, don’t you think? 🙂

Hope you try it and enjoy it enough to help make your mornings a little more manageable! Let me know what you think 🙂


What do you have for breakfast?


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