Thank you for the summer

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU to an incredible artist.


Someone with an artistic eye


and humble talent


To my dear boyfriend Lars


THANK YOU for completely renovating my blog!


Pretty scrappy, huh? He’s quite a keeper! I told Lars on several occasions this summer how I’d like to create a more professional looking blog, something a little more creative than a photo of myself on the homepage. A man of many talents, Lars brainstormed and took advantage of the stunning (private!) beach in Milos, Greece to create something beautiful for this blog. From the bottom of my heart Lars, THANK YOU!

The high quality professional photo can header can be attributed to Lars. The amateur iPhone selfies I shall take full credit for 😉 And the remaining 99.9% of the photos of me, credit to my mama 😉

Onto more gratitude…

This summer was one of the most fulfilling summers to date!


I feel fortunate to have a summer job which not only taught me so much, but also confirmed my love for my future profession.

I had the privilege of working with some of the most patient, compassionate, smart and interesting people. I owe nearly everything I learned this summer to my incredible senior physicians, who had the patience to listen to thoughts and energy to answer my non-stop questions. Finland certainly has a learn-by-doing mentality to teaching medical students, which I highly appreciated.


I felt as though the past grueling years of medical school have finally come to practical use. I practiced everything from admitting to discharging patients, understanding the full patient care story start to finish. It was an honor to be part of such a great team, I could only be so lucky to work with them again in the future!

I started many new hobbies this summer, one of which you’re reading right now 🙂


This blog has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, I’m truly grateful to each and every one of you! I will always remember the summer night in June, as our exams had just finished, I sat at one of my favorite restaurants in Pécs with some of my closest friends. I told them I was flirting with the idea of starting a blog. The response they gave was enthusiastic, excited and supportive. Once I was assured I had at least 3 readers, I took the plunge and created this page. Goes to show how important the support of your friends truly is, right?


With the blog officially on the internet and exams behind, I started a million other hobbies that eventually overwhelmed me (as detailed in this post ). My goal for the summer was to enjoy everything from art , cooking , working and of course, relaxing too.  After I realized I couldn’t have a full time job, blog, garden, help my family, cook, clean, relax and workout all in the same day, I learned the beautiful art of compromise. In addition, a lesson that I should carry for the future as well: you can’t do it all. Finding balance is something I feel every enthusiastic overachiever who easily gets excited about new things battles almost daily. Wanting to do everything but feeling as you you do not having time for anything is just aggravating. Not to mention totally not  suitable for type-A personalities. But eventually, I put on my big girl hat and decided to focus on only a few of the aforementioned daily and enjoy to the fullest what I was doing at that very moment.


Summer is a time you should take full advantage of every opportunity…

to spend with your family

IMG_7516     IMG_7547

cook outside


enjoy summer treats


visit beautiful gardens

IMG_7831IMG_7826   IMG_7811

(above photos are from the beautiful Mikkeli Puisto ! )

Workout outside


 Make new friends


And enjoy family dinners


Basically everything that comes your way you normally don’t allow yourself time for in the everyday rush.  Summer memories are times I look back on when I’m in a study grind, unmotivated, stressed or tired. Even today when I was walking home from class my mind wandered to one week back, sitting on the backseat of a motorbike in the Greek islands, with the sun in my face , feeling sand still on my feet rubbing against my rubber flip flops, and the uttermost freedom in my mind. On second thought, is that a bad thing? The third day of school and I’m already daydreaming of vacations? 😮


Studying abroad allows me to appreciate time with family, the cabin, and friends that much more. Carpe Diem for sure!

Thank you summer! And with this newly found energy, let’s kick off a new semester!



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